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Gobiotics Ingredients

Passionated by Nature – Proven by Science

With passion we create since 2003 natural, sustainable and microbiota friendly ingredients for the personal care industry. All our ingredients support you in your challenging journey to create performing and natural products. Discover with us how to formulate unbreakable emulsions, to thicken natural shower products. Surprise yourself how to make elegant high SPF sprays and how prebiotics scientifically help your formulations to become more performing and safer. Gobiotics allows you to replace ingredients under suspension without compromise on performance. All our creations are based on Chicory Inulin, Agave polysaccharides, newly discovered polysaccharides and rice derivates.


Our new Headquarter

Our new Headquarter
A while ago we have moved to our new location at Hoogerheide...

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A Healthy Fift from the North Cryogenic Technology

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Yogurt-Chicory Hair Mask

Yogurt-Chicory Hair Mask
Organic Creamy Rich hair mask which nourishes the hair from root to top